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One of the most common questions we are asked:

Do you work in our area?

Yes, Michigan Liquidators is one of the few companies which provides it's services for both upper and lower Michigan.



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Frequent Asked Questions



Are you Insured?

Yes, Michigan Liquidators is insured. All sale locations big or small have coverage. It is standard policy with all Estate Liquidations valued over $250,000.00 to place the owner or executor as FIRST SECURED PARTY and furnish them with a copy of policy.

Do you own a Store Front or Consignment Booths?

No! Michigan Liquidators considers this to be a huge conflict of interest. From a clients view, THINK!, No more said.

What if we need to liquidate an estate immediately?

At Michigan Liquidators, we understand that sometimes a client cannot afford to wait in order to hold an estate sale. That's why we offer a comprehensive Buyout Service that allows you to liquidate your estate immediately and receive cash for all the items. This buyout service includes our commitment to leave your property empty of all household items and broom clean, ready for the market. ( Additional cleaning services are available for Estates requiring major cleaning and removal of debri.) An Estate Buyout is the best option for those who need to empty a home as soon as possible and/or raise cash immediately.

What does an estate liquidation entail?

In our case, most estate liquidations include our coming into your home and accessing the estate. After you hire us, we sort, clean, organize, research, price, market, and sell your collection and furnishings from your home. At the end of the estate sale we offer a few ideas to liquidate any items that did not sell. (Option 1). These items can be delivered to Goodwill or Salvation Army where you will receive a donation slip. (Option 2). We contact several bulk buyers to arrive the day after sale to purchase complete remaining contents by closed seal bid. Also included in some of our extra services, we can clean the house, garage and yard for you, so that you can market the house and not have to worry about any more work on your end.

How do I know if I need to have an estate sale?

When your home or the home of your loved one has enough items in it to house a small apartment or home, you have enough. We need to have a full or nearly full home to have a sale in order to bring in lots of clients to give you the best price on your more expensive and collectible pieces. If you have only a few things, consignment or a buyout might be more up your alley.

How do I choose an estate liquidator to help me?

When you interview different people to give your sale, try to keep in mind these people will be handling your family heirlooms. If you feel you can trust them alone in your house and that you can communicate openly with them about your wishes, you are probably safe to hire them. Do check to see if the company is properly insured and can provide you with references if desired prior to signing agreement. Research, and you will know when you have met the right ‘fit’ for your sale.

What do I need to do to prepare for an estate sale?

When you hire our company, nothing. All we ask is that you don't throw anything at all away and let us do the dirty work.

How long will it take to give an estate sale?

With Michigan Liquidators, it normally takes a full 10 to 14 working days from start to finish to sort, stage, price, market, and sell all items. It is a key factor to allow this amount of time for proper advertising.

What am I responsible for during the sale work wise?

In most cases, absolutely nothing. It is nice if you give us a contact phone number so that we can call you from time to time to check on any issues that do come up like, “Should we sell a coin collection that we found or would you care to keep it.”

What happens if my Mother or family has hidden money inside the house and it is found by the liquidator? Photos? Love letters? Personal papers?

Michigan Liquidators cannot answer for other liquidators but in our case, we simply set these things aside, along with anything else that seems too personal to sell without permission. The individual who's signature is on the Estate Sale Agreement is immediately notified so they can make arrangements for pick up or have property mailed or shipped to them.

Should I donate the general household items and or throw away the junk in the garage etc. before I have a liquidator in?

Some of the biggest mistakes our clients have made was to dispose of items prior to hiring and using a professional liquidator. We can and do sell nearly all that you have, no matter how bad it looks to you. Please, do us both a favor and leave every single thing in the house, garage and yard until after we conduct the sale for you.

How do you appraise art?

We can appraise certain art and do so by researching it. When we feel a loss for knowledge or we need someone more well versed on the art you have, we contact a third party appraiser we trust for assistance.

How do you evaluate appraisals on items that have already been done, i.e. furs or jewelry?

Normally a percentage of set value. With past sales we don't remember ever getting full value on a fur or clothe item but many times have gotten more on jewelry or pottery. A huge factor is, how old is the appraisal and who did the appraisal.

How does Michigan Liquidators get paid from my sale?

Our company works on a flat 30% to 35% commission from the gross proceeds of the estate sale itself with no up front cost. We are paid solely by our work performance and upon completion of agreement.

What if I decide I want to keep something out of the sale?

Simply ask. We request that all family members remove any items of interest prior to the arrangement of sale.

What if I should decide that I want to cancel my estate sale after Michigan Liquidators has began working on sale?

We would charge you only for our time invested and the money spent on advertising to date. This is not preferred, but we understand when people change their minds and hearts. These fees along with other details can be viewed in our Estate Sale Agreement.


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